Powerful Features

CrickM is designed to improve team collaboration and to manage cricket clubs with ease

Manage your Cricket Clubs smartly with the CrickM app. A user friendly application that allows registration of the players and choosing of the Clubs and Leagues within a click!

User Friendly Interface

CrickM is designed with a user friendly interface that allows a user to use the app easily from the very first time.


CrickM is a safe and secure app where you can create your own cricket profile and connect with other players around you.

Player Availability Tracking

With the Player Availability Tracking, you can track which all players are available for a match. Players can easily indicate their availability for the same.


CrickM works smoothly even on old generation hardware due to considerable optimization efforts.

Online Payments

Players can pay registration fees online which saves time and reduces missed payments.

Matches Scheduling

Match scheduling has never been this easy. Create cricket match schedules for leagues within a click.

Why Choose CrickM

We understand that managing cricket clubs is not an easy task. That is why we have designed CrickM to deliver a hassle-free experience for you.

In our Cricket Club Management app, a player can easily register with any club he/she desires and can choose a league within that club. We send notifications of the list of cricket matches that a player can participate in, which will be seen once he/she logins as a player in the app. Players can conveniently indicate their availability for the match through the application. If any player has indicated that he/she is available for a match, we will send them reminders of the upcoming match.

Another critical feature that makes our cricket club management software stand out is the security we provide. We are GDPR complaint and the entire system is end to end encrypted.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I get the details added in the platform updated in the website?

Platform will provide you API for your web site for details like club history, officials, sponsors, etc. This will save your time.

Can I manage club accounts via platform?

Yes, you can set a year, expenses type, income types, expenses and incomes which will generate a balance sheet. The handy option to export your balance sheet will your members clarity on account and peace of mind for you during annual general meeting.

Can I manage subscriptions?

Platform gives you option to set subscription based on league visions like youth, women, open, etc. and also get the payments as instalments of club choice.

Can I set player for a league and get the availability?

Club admin can set all league matches which will send a notification to all players and player get the option to give availability. If admin get more number of player, can pick the suitable players and reject other with a custom or email template pre-set.

Can I get the player to register via website and CrickM app?

Club can generate a link which you can send to your club members are can register as player to your club. Alternatively, players can download crickM app from play store and register as a player.

Can I restrict access to different user type based on their position?

Club admin can set rights for each user type based on the position like only treasurer get access to add the account.

With CrickM you can manage clubs, leagues and tournaments without any hassle. CrickM provides all the right features to its users making it one of the most popular and easiest app to manage cricket clubs and leagues online.

Download CrickM today and start managing your cricket clubs and leagues smartly!

The users of CrickM reported increased performance in the following areas, on average:

Improved Productivity 70%
Ease of Management 80%
Increase in Accuracy 85%


CrickM is a lot more than just an app. It's a fully responsive easy to use cricket club management software that offers solution for all your cricket club needs. You are just a click away! Download Today!

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Save your Time with our Cricket Club and League Management Software.

We’ve designed CrickM with a clear objective in mind: to help manage cricket clubs and leagues with ease. Spend less time registering players, scheduling matches for leagues and tournaments.

CrickM is the go to app for anyone who wants their Cricket Clubs and Leagues be organized and professional.